Skiathos Island

Skiathos Island

Skiathos is a beautiful, idyllic island, known for being the birthplace of the great Greek writer Alexandros Papadiamantis. It is only five hours away from Volos port by our yacht. It is considered a very cosmopolitan Greek island that still maintains its traditional charm and a rich heritage of vernacular architecture. The southern coast of the island has undergone great tourist development, while the northern coast is still unspoiled and unexplored.

It has a coastline length of 44 km, blessed with more than 60 magical clean beaches. Koukounaries, Lalaria, Megali Ammos, Troulos, Banana, Tzanerias, Sklithri, Agia Paraskevi, Marathias, Mandraki, Aselinos, Kehrias, Limenaria, Tsoungrias, Vasilias, Achladia, Kanapitsa, Kolios and Vromolimnos are just some of the many unique beaches worth visiting.

The marina of Skiathos is surrounded by traditional taverns, quality restaurants, coffee shops and bars. The International Airport of Skiathos is less than 5 min drive from the town center and the marina. It serves many European cities in the summer months by charter and also regular scheduled flights once or twice a week. Also, it serves all the major Greek airports.

The city of Skiathos is the only built-up area of the island. In front of the town lies Bourtzi, a small peninsula in the middle of the main port where the ruins of a Venetian fortress still stand. Nowadays, it has been turned into an art gallery and there is an open air theatre next to it, where cultural events are staged during summer.

Very interesting is also the Castle, a location in the north side of Skiathos. It was the island’s original, pirate-resistant settlement. The remnants of the old buildings, the four remaining churches, a small part of the walls, water tanks and a big canon are there to remind us of the castle’s glorious past.

The monastery of Evangelistria, 4 km from the port, is Skiathos’ premier monastery. An eclectic museum features ecclesiastical artefacts, books, important documents, manuscripts and numerous documents and historical photographs from the great Wars.

The House of Alexandros Papadiamantis, where the Greek writer and poet spent his life. Today it’s a museum, with the writer’s books, clothes and various artefacts.

Much of the sightseeing can be reached only by boat, like Lalaria, an impressive beach on the northeastern part of the island with small round pebbles and sparcling clean waters. Also, there are two caves near Lalaria, the Dark and the Blue cave. The dark cave is very narrow and low and can be accessed only by small boats. Moreover, you can see the cave of the Murderess on which Alexander Papadiamantis novel was based, and the uninhabited island of Tsougrias, with small summer snack bars on both sides of the island.

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