Skopelos Island

Skopelos Island

Skopelos, with its three hundred and sixty churches and chapels, its beautiful beaches, its impressive traditional costumes and its idyllic landscapes offers endless hours of relaxation and entertainment.

It is often spoken of as a forest island, and in fact 80% of the surface is covered by dense pine forest, extending down to a coastline of 67 km with little bays, harbours and beaches of indescribable beauty. Due to the island’s mountainous terrain most of the coast is inaccessible.

Panormos, Stafylos, Agnontas, Elios, Milia, Aghios Yiannis, Perivoli, Limnonari, Kastani, Glysteri, Loutraki, Mourtias, and Armenopetra are some of the island’s finest beaches, but there are many others lying concealed in the green depths of the pine forest.

Glossa is a town at the western end of the island with many little churches and a beautiful harbour, Loutraki, is considered one of the most popular tourist spots on the island.

Many visitors head every year to the church of Agios Ioannis which is located in the region of Kastri. It is there that the wedding scene of the Hollywood movie Mamma Mia was shot. This lovely church stands on top of a rock and requires a climb of 110 steps. It provides amazing view to the coasts of Skopelos and to Alonissos.

Finally, sail to Drakonstosxisma, a steep gorge surrounded by the sea, below a church built almost on the edge of a cliff. The steep rocks, the pines trees “hanging” over the rocks and the beautiful tirquoise waters create a picture of unrivalled beauty.

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