Volos, the city of king Jason and his ship Argo is the capital of the most attractive, undiscovered area of Greece. It exhibits a great pleasure yacht marina and a commercial port. The perfect street layout, modern buildings, coastline churches, the night life and much more, give a special charm to the city.

It is situated at an approximately small distance between the country’s capital, Athens (300 km) and the second major city, Thessaloniki (200 km). Its commercial port is connected to many islands, and major ports all over the world.

The Volos marina seafront is one of the most impressive city attractions with endless coffee bars, restaurants, and of course, the famous seafood local taverns called “Tsipouradiko” (EU protected name for restaurants) where you can enjoy “Tsipouro” (EU protected name,) a traditional liquore drink always acompanied with unique seafood teasers. Follow the seafront Argonauts Avenue, where you can see the perfect real size working replica of ship Argo (which is also the symbol of the city as according to the Greek mythology, as king Jason and the famous Argonaut expedition set sail from here) and continue to explore Volos marina front with the Papastratos building, seaside park, st. Contantine church, the Yachting clubs, Xenia hotel complex, national Archeological museum and many other impresive attractions.

The present-day city has spread out along the coast, incorporating old resorts with beautiful beaches, like Anavros, Alykes and Agria . Mt Pelion, the “vacation favorite spot” of the ancient Greek gods of neighboring mt. Olympus rises right above.

The city of Volos is also known for its rich cultural life having excellent museums and art galleries. The most important are the Archaeological Museum Athanasakeion that features exhibits from the prehistoric, Neolithic and Byzantine period, the Folklore Museum of Kitsos Makris, industrial museum Tsalapata and the Insect Museum that includes 35.000 different insect orders. Also, you may visit the archaeological sites at a short distance from the city of Volos, like the Neolithic settlement of Dimini, the prehistoric settlement of Sesklo, the ancient city of Dimitriada and the ancient theater and city of New Anchialos.

Volos has also numerous splendid churches. To name only a few, the Church of Constantine and Helen with the elaborate architecture combined with its position in Volos yacht club marina is a reference point for the city. The Cathedral of St. Nicholas with the old bell in the courtyard constitutes the centre of youth life of the residents of Volos. There are many cafes and bars around St. Nikolaos Square.

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